Shortage Of Nurses

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Mariama Koroma
Topic: The Impact Of Shortage Of Nurses

Thesis Statement:

The need for professional nurses is growing but the number of nurses continues to

decline; this paper will take a careful look at the impact of the shortage of nurses in health

care delivery. The growing professional shortage presents the most significant problem

for the health care system today. An adequate supply of professional nurses is vital in

ensuring access to quality in health care now and to the patient in the future.

Study has shown that the labor market has undergone significant changes during

the last decade. According to the study in the early 1990s(……………………………...)

there was national shortage of professional nurses(…….). By 1994, the shortage had

disappeared and some began to think that there was now and oversupply of nurses. In

themed-1990s, many governments and health care agencies and researches though that

the supply of nurses would be adequate for the near future(…..). However, reports of the

hospital professional nurses shortages began again through the nation in 1998. Theses

shortages continue today and will be driven by fundamental shifts in the labor market that

are not expected to reverse for several decades(…….).

A look at the present nursing shortage revealed hat it is more complex than the

previous ones and is projected to intensify in the coming decades, several key factors

make this shortage different from the past ones. While the healthcare industry has been

though cyclical nursing shortages before; this shortage is more structural and presents a

long-term problem for the hospital industry(……). Though many hospitals also have

difficulty filling
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