Short Term Long Term Goals Essay

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My short term goal subsequent to the MBA program is to join a financial consultancy, such as The Boston Consulting Group or Deloitte Consulting LLP, at managerial level. This will help me apply all the theoretical knowledge I have gained through an established curriculum of my MBA program. This will also provide me an opportunity to interact with leading financial firms and multinational business houses, thus contribute in expanding my real life knowledge base by helping me get a better understanding of global industry practices and different financial systems prevailing in the world. With a span of ten years I plan to rise through the levels of management to strategic business position of an executive officer at a financial consulting firm. After having worked at the uppermost level of a top financial firm for some time, when I feel I have gathered the requisite amount of knowledge pertaining to every aspect of the firm, I plan to start my own consultancy with my father. I visualize myself to be making flawless financial models and taking business decisions, application of which will be critical towards the success of my firm. My passion for high standards of excellence and ethics are the sole drivers of my career choice. Abiding all of it, I have almost every reason to be satisfied about my job as a Senior Systems Engineer at Infosys Limited. Just few years into my career, I already have significant experience in financial and incentive systems of an automobile manufacturing giant of US. I started as a backup resource and within a short span of three months I managed six different Incentives Support systems single handedly. The past one year I have worked as Development and Testing Engineer, a position which honed my analytical skills and exposed me to top-notch industry practices and client interactions, and also enhanced my logical and coding skills. My
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