Short Summary: Gun Control Issues In America

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Gun Control Issues 1 Gun Control Issues in America Gun Control Issues 2 You are alone with your young child inside your quiet suburban home nestled away in the woods. You just finished watching a movie, and you are preparing everyone for bed. Suddenly, one of the downstairs windows shatters. Then, there are footsteps. You open the bedroom door ever so quietly, trying not to make a sound, to get a good view of what is going on and who is in your home. In the dark shadows of the night, you spot a tall figure, holding what appears to be a pistol. He begins up the steps, towards you and your child, and approaches the bedroom door. You send your child to hide under…show more content…
However, the 2007 FBI report also indicates that there were nearly as many strong-armed robberies and unarmed assaults as there were with guns. It could be argued, based upon this data, that a person is just as likely to commit or engage in violent crimes whether they possess a firearm or not. Wamp (2006) states “Guns do not commit crimes, people do.” Perhaps if we appropriately punish individuals who act irresponsibly with a firearm and commit violent acts against society while armed, criminals may be deterred of committing such activity a second time and many would-be criminals would be deterred from even considering the commission of a violent crime (Lizotte and Zatz, 1986). People must be held accountable for their actions, rather then trying to shift the blame to other factors. Some ways to assure consistent punishment would be to establish legislation that specifies minimum mandatory sentencing for crimes committed while in possession of a gun, and allow the addition of “sentence enhancers” for gun-specific crimes. Also included in this would be gun trafficking and related offenses. According to Section 924(c) of Title 18 of Federal Law, lengthy mandatory sentencing is appropriate for individuals convicted of using or carrying a firearm while committing…show more content…
This course includes, among other things, proper and safe ammunition and firearms handling (Hunter-Trapper Education Program, 2007). By developing a similar course for first-time firearms purchasers, and requiring them to produce a completion card or certification, dealers can be assured that they are selling a weapon to someone who is educated about safe firearms possession. Also included in this course could be education and training in regards to safe gun storage. Based upon FBI statistics, approximately 1.7 million firearms have been reported stolen over the past decade. Of those, 80 percent of those firearms were stolen from homes and vehicles where they were improperly secured. Only 40 percent of the stolen firearms have been recovered (Statistics: Gun Violence in our Communities, 2005). These statistics indicate how essential proper and safe gun storage is to keeping firearms from being stolen and ending up in the hands of someone who has no business possessing

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