Short Story: Whose War Was Then

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Whose War is it Then: Einna Reta was despised in her village because she was a witch, although she was very beautiful. When Hermes saw this gorgeous woman, he just couldn’t resist. He came to her one night with gold, food, and wine. Of course Reta didn’t refuse and Hermes stayed with her all night. Soon word got out that the beautiful witch was with child. The village wouldn’t tolerate another menace, so they sent Reta off to a deserted island that nobody lived on. As time passed, Einna was finally born. There was something strange about her though. She would never stop kicking. It looked as if she was trying to run. Einna was able to walk a lot sooner than any normal child and was able to run soon enough. Einna was incredibly fast and…show more content…
She becomes overwhelmed with joy and begins her search for the man in her dreams. She finds him in a small bakery and slowly walked inside. She asked the man for his name and her replied, “Cirtap,” and walked away. Einna tried talking to Cirtap many times but he was uninterested. She ran into a nearby alley and began to cry. Soon enough Hermes showed up to comfort her. He gives her beautiful, ruby necklace and tells her its magic. When she puts it on it will give her unimaginable beauty. She immediately puts it on and watches her reflection in a puddle change into a gorgeous woman. But before she leaves, her father warns her of what will happen when she is married. The necklace will break and she will return to her natural state. She understands and quickly runs back into the bakery. When Cirtap sees the beautiful woman he drops the pile of bread he was carrying. He hurries over to her and begs her to tell him her name. “I am Einna, daughter of Reta,” she says. Cirtap jumped back as if he had been pushed. “Reta? The witch we banished years ago?” he asked. She lowers her head in shame and begins to back away. He takes her hand and her didn’t care who her mother was. But the city would never accept her unless she defeated the evil wizard that terrorizes it. Einna eagerly accepts the challenge. Cirtap gives her a map to Nefandus, the place where the wizard lives. He tells her that if she brings back the wizard’s hat, he…show more content…
Surprisingly it was peaceful, but then she thought who would want to even come near this road. Hermes began to fear for his daughter and went to see how powerful the wizard really was. He enters the wizard’s castle disguised as a rat and watches the wizard. After just a short time, Hermes was terrified for his daughter’s life. He returns to his natural form and appears before Einna. He tries to tell her not to face the wizard but she wouldn’t listen. Again he stops her and forbids her to go on. Einna whispered something too quiet for her father to hear and suddenly Hermes was blinded. By the time he regained his sight, Einna was already a mile ahead. He became furious and burst into a sprint after her. As soon as he reached her, Einna ripped off her necklace and showed her ugly face to him again. He immediately stopped and realized this was the only thing that could make her happy. So he let her go and returned to the

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