Short Story This Is What It Means To Say Phoenix Arizona Otherness

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Michelle Townsend RLCT Task 2 Summary Otherness is when an individual is excluded from the group to which it belongs based on a perceived difference. The difference is not of a classifying nature such as race, economics, or gender. In cases of othering it is typically based on social influence. A group of individuals will “other” an individual who makes choices out of line with the status quo. Questioning traditions or doing things group members consider strange also may lead to othering. Analysis In the short story This Is What It Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona otherness is the central theme. The main character initially seems the other as he goes to the leaders of his group to ask for help. Otherness is much more apparent in a later characters introduction. Although the leaders agreed to help Victor he needs the help of Thomas an outcast of the group. Victor’s reluctance to ask or accept help is just another sign of the…show more content…
First, noticing if any children are struggling with otherness is imperative. It is important that an educator be attentive to the children and how they interact. Identifying a child that is being “othered” depends on monitoring their social interactions. Children who isolate themselves from the group and children who require extra assistance are likely targets for “othering”. Once identified the teacher can lessen the potential problem by taking steps to ensure the entire class feel connected to one another. By assigning group activities and rotating seat arrangements educators can improve the children’s relationship with one another. Also, when an issue of conflict or unusual behavior causes a social stigma teachers can help both parties understand each other’s perspective. Using social circles to encouraging inclusion and compassion can greatly improve the quality of education all of the children
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