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A clean, well-lighted place theme analysis. The story “A clean well-lighted place” contains many different themes, and while there are many themes to this story that reader could choose from the theme that I feel is represented the strongest in this story is “People should enjoy their youth and young age and try to find meaning in their lives.” This theme is highlighted in many different points in the story and is kind of hard to explain at times because of the many other theme presented in the story. Unlike other story’s “A clean well-lighted place” does not have one straight forward plot line or theme, rather it is a mix of many different themes that can all be touched up on or talked about. The writer Ernest Hemingway challenges his readers to think of their own meaning of the story. At the start of the story the two waiters are talking about an old man that is sitting in there café drinking, the younger waiter goes on to say that the old man tried to commit suicide and that he did it out of despair, when the other waiter asks about what the old man is so worried about that he tried to kill himself the younger waiter says “nothing”. The older waiter questions the younger one asking how he knows it was nothing. The younger waiter then goes on to say “He has plenty of money”. From reading this early part of the story you can pick up and the mindset of this waiter. You could say that the waiter is struggling to make ends meet with money and that feels the old man has no reason to kill himself, that the old man has no problems due to this vast amount of money he has, you could say that the younger waiter is almost kind of jealous of the old man and sees that this old man is just wasting away in the café. This is further backed up when the younger waiter says “He’ll stay all night” and “I’m sleepy now I never get into bed before three o’clock” by this point you
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