Analysis Of Secrets By Bernard Maclaverty

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What do we learn about the great aunt in the story, “Secrets” In the story “Secrets” by Bernard MacLaverty, the author conveyed loss and suffering as the theme of the story because the great aunt passed away. “Secrets” conveys how life can change so suddenly, from happiness to loss and suffering. The story is written in a form of a flashback, and as it continues, it introduces the Aunt and the boy. At the beginning of the story, the author introduces the dying aunt and her nephew who she seems distant from. The reader discovers that the boy and the aunt were not always distant, but they used to share a very close bond. After the aunt dies, the boy remembers childhood moments with his aunt, and how he betrayed her trust and how his aunt never forgave him.…show more content…
The author then reveals some of the aunt's character. “She lost all the dignity he knew her to have”. This means that the boys aunt had natural grace and dignity before she died, so during her death, she lost something very important to her as her nature. She was exposed to the little boy when she was “at her worst”. She also seemed to be a proud person by nature, and her happiness came with her fulfillment. After her death, the author lets the reader into the “secrets” of the story. “She would sit with him on her knee, her arms around him and holding the page flat with her hand” This leaves the reader shocked because of the difference between the two relations; the one right before she died, and the one when he was a child. “The girl in the photograph was young and had dark, dark hair scraped severely back and tied like a knotted rope on the top of her head”. This description of the aunt when she was young probably suggests that she felt a loss for her
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