Short Story: River's Rest Cemetery

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SCOTTY & THE MAUSOLEUM THIEF CHAPTER 1: THE BEGINNING OF A TALE Scotty Wilkins had spent his entire life in a cemetery. His father, a widower, Bob had been the landscaper and groundskeeper at the “River’s Rest Cemetery”, for over 22 years and resided in a small house in the back of the old cemetery, so Scotty was not easily spooked. In fact, he had a habit of taking his friends on an annual, after dark Halloween tour of the cemetery. He’d tell stories half of the night while his friends endured the chills and goose bumps generated by Scotty’s wild imagination. Scotty worked alongside of his dad in the summer months when school was out of session and knew every inch of the grounds. He also knew every eerie story that was connected with the…show more content…
You go right on work’in till you get that thing cleaned up, ya hear?” “Yeah.” he responded. Scotty pulled another handful of vines away from the structure and plopped them into the barrow. When he looked up again, the old man was gone and so was the eerie feeling. He was about to continue with his work when he felt an unexpected sprinkle. “Guess I’ll finish this tomorrow; hey, I wonder where that old guy went?” He looked around as he loaded his tools into the wheelbarrow and pushed it back to the house. His father met him inside with a cold glass of lemonade; it tasted cold and sweet and was just the thing he needed, after his morning labor. “Dad,” he said, “have you ever seen the cemetery so empty as today?” “What do you mean?” His father replied. “I saw plenty of people around; it’s just as busy as always. How far did you get before the rain started, son?” “Uh, I got about half of the front and right sides cleared.” He took a long drink of the lemonade and watched his Dad laying out some lasagna noodles in the bottom of a glass casserole dish. “I didn’t see anybody today, except some old guy visiting the mausoleum. He was dressed kind of funny
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