Short Story Chapter 2 - End Essay

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Chapter 2 The death of Marcus’ mother was heart breaking, but it was even more painful for his father, Joseph. Since Diane was the main provider for the family, Joseph had to begin looking for jobs to pay for rent. Since he had no experience at most things, he could not find a steady job and was forced to jump from job to job. His most recent job was in a shady neighborhood. He was moving boxes for a corner store and was getting paid less than minimum wage, but he didn’t mind it as long as he was making enough to pay for rent. In fact, the only thing he the only thing he really didn’t like about the job was its location. It was run-down, ratty, and filled with drug and gang activity. He knew he should stay away from places like that, but he was desperate for the money. The job was very repetitive. Everyday he would catch the 8:30 bus down to the store, and either unloads boxes from the store’s delivery trucks or shelf and stack boxes in the store’s back room. But today was different, today it was dank. The sky was overcast and gray. It was drizzling, and humid outside. The air was thick and hard to breathe; overall it was a depressing day. Joseph had arrived barely to work on time, as he does everyday. He rushes in through the store and out the back, ducking and dodging customers. He burst through the back door into an alley, there a truck waited for him. “What’s today’s shipment?” said Joseph, as he opened the back of the truck, still in a hurry. “Nothin’ much really, the usual canned crap.” The driver said with a smirk. Joseph chuckles and begins unloading the truck. “Hey I’m gonna go get some smokes. Think you can watch the truck?” as he hopped out the truck, slamming the door closed behind him. “Um, sure” Joseph says unsure how to respond, as he continues to stack boxes by the store. The driver begins to walk around the corner.

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