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Short Story Analysis

  • Submitted by: tiyagirly91
  • on November 17, 2012
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Short story analysis


The Hungry Stones by Rabindranath Tagore is a story with mystical elements in it. Thus, it influences the reader to think use their sixth to be able to grasp the full effect of the ghostly figures and scenarios. The story begins with the narrator journeying to Calcutta from the Puja trip; during this trip he meets a man who is seen as a man with impressive knowledge and learning - “the extraordinary man” (p.1). Srijut the extraordinary man, plunges into a tale of when he was appointed as a cotton collector and has to stay at a marble palace that was built by Emperor Mahmud Shah II. This palace was once the a venue of vibrant activity where young Persian damsels would spend the day bathing in the waters of the reservoirs. In contrast it is now a place of isolation where not even the thieves would dare to visit it at night. Srijut was warned by the clerk not to stay the night but he waived this warning away with a laugh. Unfortunately, Srijut hear footsteps in the house and he thought it was an illusion. However, this was followed by the man being able to hear the presence of the Persian damsels’ visit to the reservoirs in the night. Ironically, the man was not fearful of these figures but was excited by their presence and wanted to hear the conversation occurring. The next morning Srijut was able to hear this scenario without seeing the figures; this cacophony of music was “a strange unearthly music”. Later Srijut was guided by a ghostly figure to a place where there was a Negro eunuch with a sword, in front of a screen, sleeping, when the ghostly figure lifted the screen the man could see the feet of fair damsel, whom he did not see. Thus, Srijut pursues this maiden thereafter in madness. The following night he would hear sobs of someone pleading with him to rescue them, and follow these cries throughout the house in desperation wondering who it was. Also, there was a man called Meher Ali who was afflicted by this “marble demon”...

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