Short Story About 9/11 English

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Sandstorm "I'll stop the world and melt with you You've seen the difference, and it's getting better. All the time." The words blasted from the XM radio that was installed in the sand-camouflaged Hummer. The woman and men, dressed in their ijb and turbans, turned to look at the box-like monster rolling down the wide dirt road. They had been quite used to it by now. "Those polluting vehicles with their ridiculous drivers blasting their American crap-music are back again!" even as Katherine heard these threatening words in Arabic, as they passed the many citizens by, the uneasy feeling in her stomach didn't increase. She already felt nauseous anyways. Whether it was the motion of the Hummer on the unsteady dirt road or the not-so-refreshing…show more content…
A ball of fire hit the Hummer causing it to shatter into pieces knocking them all out. Jason was thrown through a shop window and remained unconscious while Katherine was thrown onto the sidewalk and was woken up when her head hit the ground. A greatly agonizing throb went through her head as she felt the gash from where her head collided with the rough sand and concrete underneath and the loud sounds of people screaming, car pieces falling from the sky, and the many vibrations of feet slapping the ground as they tried to escape the blast she looked up for a brief moment to see turmoil all around her she noticed a soldier with a single tear streaming down his face holding his fallen comrade. But she only felt pain for a few seconds until one of the doors from the Hummer landed on her, knocking her out again but also shielding her from the rest of the debris as it fell from the sky.She woke up to a bright light searing her eyes. She let out a scream of pain and reached out for whatever was around to shield her eyes. She could feel the covers she had retrieved being pulled away from her. She opened her eyes again and saw nurses around her speaking frantically in Arabic. Luckily she knew their language (which is why she was one of the ones sent here) and she asked what was going on. Apparently a car bomb had gone off from one of the old cars parked on the side from them. It was one of the acts the Shi'ite forces had threatened to do. She…show more content…
She stepped over the crime scene tape that barricaded the bomb site and observed some tracks she found in the sand. She followed them to a private residence in the main part of town. She recognized the symbol on the front door that clearly stated that this was the home of a highly-organized Shi'ite terrorist group. She went around the back and managed to catch the end of a conversation one of the leaders was having with a subordinate. Apparently their leader had called for a translator so that they could tell the Americans their demands. Apparently they had not arrived yet. She took that chance and without really thinking about it, she rapped on the door. When they answered, she said that their leader had sent her and that she was here to translate. Since she disguised herself so well, they fell for it. She went in and then saw Jason and three of the soldiers that were with them on their knees with their hands tied behind their backs on an old tapestry on the floor with a camera on a tripod in front of them/ when she came into the room, they began taping. They told the camera who they had and that they wanted all of their imprisoned followers to be released while Kady translated off camera. She made sure to speak with a heavy Arabic accent

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