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The Light Without Day My hope of light had soon been shadowed to what had come upon. I couldn’t remember anything. But now, the reality that had become more fervent and vivid had clustered every inch of what was left in this deserted, isolated place. Was I the only one left? Silence was the loudest scream in my ear, I was confused, petrified, puzzled. On spur of moment, a faint movement echoed from the distant. The undiscovered solitudes of this place triggered my legs to run towards the unknown wonder of this sound being created, if anyone was out there, I would not be alone. Yet to my despair, it was only the sound of a little mouse scurrying away into the dark corners of the city in which the sun’s ray did not skirt upon. As the hours fast-forwarded, I searched, but nothing. In such wise, I walked back home to blanket myself with warmth from the inclement conditions outside. In to my house, there were many frames displayed on the walls and one on the wall beside the entry door. Falteringly, I picked it off and gazed at the fine picture of my family, my mum, sister and brother. Small, salty tears dropped onto the glass frame, nothing could exceed the desolation of my surroundings. I sat in the corner of my bedroom, waiting for something to happen, still nothing. Soon my eyelids drifted into a sleep as the inaudible sound of the clock ticking reverberated into silence. I had a dream. My obscure vision erased my one sense to see where I was going. Walking a few tentative steps, I passed through many doors and a staircase. I was in my house. Until, a spotted beam of light shone in the corner next to my living room. Slowly, I ambled my way, approaching where the light was coming from. As I drew near, how ever more active my sight became, it was lucidly a mirror. On the point of touching the reflective object, my eyes had opened back to reality. The real beam of

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