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Asa Mitchel, the girl who lost her dad in Iran during the War. Asa never was the same after her father died , she lost her purpose in life , she wouldn’t be the same after she received the call during her third period class saying she needs to hurry home right away. Asa has just been out of it since she lost her best friend , the person who gives her a reason to do well in school. The one person who tucks her in at night and tells her bedtime stories , although she is a Freshman in Highschool. Asa loved her father more than anything in the world. Even though he hasn’t been in her life the whole time , he was still her hero. Asa now is just a lost soul, she was never the most popular student in her school , but she still wasn’t a nobody. People knew her , people waved at her while passing in the hallways. When the word come out that Asa’s father died everyone showed their sympathy , she received a lot of attention that week although she didn’t want it . All she wanted was to be home in her bed trying to get away from this evil dream that she is living. The whole week of the death of Sergeant Mitchel , made Asa feel more alone than anything although she was surrounded by love . All she wanted was to be alone to try to realize this is truly happened , just trying to wrap her head around the thought that she will never see her dad ever again . Just imagine having to be a Freshman in Highschool without a father , and especially the thought of being a young girl without her daddy. Its going to be a hard time for her to go through Homecoming, going on dates , just everyday teenage girl things. Poor Asa who will be the person to try to scare her potential dates away, who is going to be the person to give her away at her wedding. You might think isn’t that big of a deal not having a father in your life. Well for a teenage girl who is trying to find herself through the

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