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“Ryan promised it wasn't going to be like this. He said it was going to be ‘quick and clean,’" I said to myself. I raced through the field thinking about nothing except how to ensure my own survival. “Stop right there!” All around me, blue and red sirens blazed while alarms pierced my ears and spotlights wandered the field searching for my colleague and me. I could taste my own sweat as it trickled down onto my lips while I sprinted through the wild grass. My adrenaline blocked out the sharp pain in my chest and helped fade the blaring sirens into a white noise. “The house was supposed to be empty,” I thought, as I checked in my cargo pockets to find a handful of diamonds missing. “Ah, now I have a tail! I wonder if they’re as good at following diamonds as they are footprints.” I thought I was a good kid, but ignorance is definitely deceiving. Moving to the small town of Pleasantville was definitely a struggle, especially because the kids of Northview High were “unfriendable.” My Papa’s AA meetings weren’t assisting with the living conditions at home: I still returned most nights to the sight of him passed out in a puddle of his own vomit. Days were long and nights were even longer; not to mention I never really felt my mother’s warm touch. She left us before I developed the ability to make memories so it’s just been us guys. I guess I seem to have simply disregarded all of it after so many years of disappointment. The hardships in my life were most of what shaped me into what I became that day. Taking part in illegal activity was never up my alley; however, that last month proved otherwise. I was caught with possession of synthetic marijuana twice just last week, along with suspicion of burglary. The world wasn’t seeing the best of Sam, and I knew it. Seconds felt like hours, and hours felt like lifetimes. The police were still in hot pursuit of Ryan and me. It

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