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“The writer “William Carlos Williams” used his point of view (First Person) in the short story “The Use Of Force” to explain readers, whether it is unethical or not to hurt someone for the sake of their benefit? Whether one should be ashamed of “enjoying” by hurting someone” The theme of this story poses the question “Is it ethical to inflict pain or discomfort on another person for their benefit?” It displaces this thought by presenting the situation of concerned parents taking their child to a doctor for examination. The circumstances of the story not only ask this question, it also presents support towards the reasoning that this is within our ethical boundaries. In fact, the story from the perspective of the doctor displays an obligation to take these actions and protect the well-being of the child. In this story the doctor tried to approach a young girl not because for his pleasure or not because he was getting any kind of amusement but for the sake of benefit of that girl. If he would not approach the young girl it can cause the delay in the treatment of her sickness and as a result she could die of diphtheria. On the other hand the young girl was trying to push him away and instead of being thankful or compromising with him treated him like someone who is trying hurt her. The doctor tried his best to examine her throat but she did not let him do, finally, the doctor convinced that it is hard to see or examine the child’s throat. The doctor had a feeling that he can’t diagnose the problem of this girl since she is too resistive makes him even more forceful or annoying but it was for the benefit of a young girl. The attempt of a doctor in order to examine her throat escalates eventually from the formal examine into a physical battle. This story bring the feeling, and picture many important issues of the real world, describing the relationship between a

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