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Hallie Long | English 1111th Topic: Short Story Assignment | Using the short story outline as a guide, write a short story. Below is a detailed rubric of exactly what requirements you should follow. Your story should be at least two pages long but not longer than six pages. | | | There once was a little girl named Lulu. Lulu lived in a very small town on the outskirts of Utah. While we all know that Utah is a state located in the middle region of the United States, she dreamed of her home being on the coast of California. Where the ocean brushed the earth so sweetly and the palm trees sway so softly. Her Dream was just to amazing not to make it come true. Lulu is 17 and has been living with her family of 6 on their farm. Working from 5-9 between the farm, school, and sports. Nothing near the life that she had the heart for by any means, but she took what she could get seeing as how you was the adopted sister of 3 brothers. Adopted at the age of 5 years old she had traveled from foster home to foster home in search of one day becoming good enough for a real family to love her. So when the Smiths were in search of a young girl she put on a wonderful angelic smile and tried her hardest to impress them. Not knowing where they were from or why they were in search of a girl. Just knowing she wanted to be loved and needed. After the adoption Lulu had been wrapped up in her dream and now finally had a little hope that her new family would be able to get her there. As she has grown, it has not only evolved to be greater than just having her home on the coast, But to raising her children , starting a career and becoming a yoga Teacher. The process of first being able to afford her dream was her very first step in her plan. Then later choosing where on the 3427 miles of coast she would ultimately like to reside. Following all of her

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