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True love again In the late rainy afternoon, Gemma sat in Doctor Gregory’s office but this time she didn’t cry. She looked out at the rain falling down like teardrops but was relieved to feel optimistic about the future for the first time in six months. And maybe… just maybe she might be in love again. The last three nights before this consultation, she couldn’t sleep at the thought of loving another. She tossed and turned like a ship on stormy seas. She couldn’t hold it in any longer! Finally she built up the courage to tell him how she felt. While she had lain awake for eternity, memories of stolen glances, kind smiles and comforting words filled her heart. In frustration during one particularly long sleepless night, she rose out of bed and wandered her house like a lost soul. Her thoughts of Gregory were interrupted as she stared at a dusty photograph of her and Thomas skydiving, kayaking, trekking and abseiling in exotic destinations. Their beaming smiles shone brightly form the photograph. Gemma places the photo gingerly in a box and makes a pact to leave the past behind her. Her thoughts turn back to Gregory. His claming nature, sharp intellect and professional job were the opposite of Thomas but still fascinated Gemma. “I think our last session is over now Gemma. Good luck in the future, you’re a strong woman who I know will learn to love again” Gregory stated. During the goodbye hand shake she noticed that neither were puling away and that Gregory was staring deeply into her eyes. “I love you Gregory” she blurted. With tears of happiness this time ready to pour out like a flowing river she explained, “I’ve thought about it! I really have and I decided that… well that my husband would want me to be living life and you make me so happy”. Gregory sat deeply into his soft chair in total shock as Gemma walked out slowly looking at him with a comforting

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