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Araby This story maybe short, but it is a very complex one to read, as it uses the use of symbolism and metaphors to explain a young boy’s journey. This story is about the journey the boy takes from innocent ideals to the knowledge of real life. Even though the author shows us this journey, the boy endures many failures on his was as he discovers his adulthood. Because of all the symbolism and metaphors, one may not realize that the story is really about a grown man looking back on his adventure as a young boy. As his journey as a young boy goes through stages of his first love that is a representation of conflict of ideal, dreams, and the reality that they all comes with life as the narrator telling the story uses irony and symbolism to reveal the deeper meanings of the story. In the beginning we learn about the boy’s character through the atmospheric setting of North Richmond Street in Dublin. He grew up in a dismal, dark, dead end street. “An uninhabited house of two stories stood at the blind end, detached from its neighbors in a square ground.” Gloominess seems to be setting the mood “dark dripping gardens,” “Brown imperturbable faces” and “dark muddy lanes”. Joyce paints a picture of a somber and hopeless presence with no happiness or anything to look forward to. The young boy’s character is revealed through these symbolic images. He has become to think that his whole universe has become unimaginative and that his life is far from ideal. His world has become a spiritual depression and therefore the boy’s outlook on life is very limited and lacks perspective. The author prepares us with metaphors to explain the boy’s blindness of the world around him. Being boyish and shy is overcome with a confused sense of sexuality. “As I was often full of tears’’. As I read this line over three times, I found myself not understanding why he was at tears.

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