Short Stories - Who's Sitting at Your Dinner Table

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There I was pacing back and forth in my kitchen on a Saturday afternoon. I had just gotten a call from Ulgine Barrows, about planning a dinner party for later that evening. All I remember thinking to myself was how much of a complete witch Ulgine was and how impossible it would be to have a successful dinner on such short notice! After I calmed myself down I ran straight for my phonebook. “Being so short notice most people will have already made plans” I thought to myself “I guess that leaves all of looneys that never get invited to much” I first called Sammy. I wanted him to help me host because he works at grocery store and could get me good discounts. But, it turns out, he quit his job earlier in the week. I still asked him to host though, I really didn't have anyone else to ask. He accepted my offer and told me he'd be over shorty.Under Sammy's request, I next called Queenie. She didn't sound very convincing when she told me she'd be there but I didn't care much whether she showed up or not. Queenie had been the talk of the town for the last few days, ever since her stroll through the grocery store. “Make sure to wear more than your birthday suit; it's a formal dinner!” I joked with her. She didn't appreciate the joke much but I got a laugh out of it anyway. She quickly said goodbye and hung up the phone. Next, I called Oscar. His first question was about whether or not he had to bring anything for the meal. This was typical Oscar behavior. As much money as he has you'd think he'd be more willing to help people, but that's not the case. I told him it wasn't necessary for him to provide anything and he seemed very relieved. He confirmed that'd he'd be there and I hung up. I called Oscar's sister Hester next. I knew she wouldn't be doing anything because she is a real stickler about spending money on anything but clothes and furnature for her big house. She was

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