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Final Paper Short stories are written in such a way that all details presented would facilitate the comprehension that the readers would get from it through directing them on what to focus on and give them an avenue for the mental image they see. It’s like painting a picture and showing it to a viewer. In essence, short stories would be an easy read and the mystery would only lie on how it will end. For example, in a murder story the murderer’s identity is kept from us right until it ends. Most of the time, we won’t have the idea on who is really the murderer in the story. But, even with all that their imagination and creativity won’t be used that much, not like a poem. Poems would be able to narrate everything, but even with that there’re still a lot of details that weren’t included in the writing. Readers may have a dilemma on did they really grasp what the writer wanted to say to them. Most of the time, poems have concealed meanings. It would also be possible for short stories to have that, but, it would minor only compared to what poems have. The use of symbols would also be one. In poems, colors would be used for telling the mood and its environment. Using the same symbolism in short stories may not have the same effect and can be treated as just one of those descriptive words. One other obvious difference between these two literary forms would be that poems can be written to have rhythm in its tone while short stories can’t be told in that way. Every poem or story still has a lot of underlying stories hidden in every word used. You never know what emotion will be written in the mystery of the words unless you understand the symbols and not just read the story or poem, but understand the author’s emotion in the words. One of the things that a writer usually uses in order to capture the interest of the readers is a good and strong characterization.

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