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Assignment # Short Question and Answer Title: Put title here Name: | xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | Student Number: | xxxxxxxx | Unit Name: | Web101 | Email Address: | xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| Date Submitted: | 28/03/11 | Word Count: | 766 | URL (if applicable): | | By submitting this assignment, I declare that I have retained a suitable copy of this assignment, have not previously submitted this work for assessment and have ensured that it complies with university and school regulations, especially concerning plagiarism and copyright. ____________28/3 xxxxxxxx_______________ (Date/Signature) (Typing your name in the space provided is sufficient when submitting online via FLECS-Blackboard.) Topic 1.1. What is the internet? The internet, which is easily confused by some people with the world wide web, is a collection of commercial, academic and government networks which are connected by international telecommunication backbones and routed via IP addresses. In other words it is a worldwide computer network. This is more controlled than the Internet, which anyone can access. The internet allows any computer to find and use information resources which come from other computers such as computers from academic institutions, research institutes, government agencies, private companies or individuals. The main thing that defines the internet and sets it apart is it's use of TCP/IP software protocol for transfer of data between hosts. Basically every user and every internet site has an IP and by using this data you are able to access other places with IP addresses. ( n.d. Accessed 20/03/2011) ( n.d. Accessed 17/03/2011) Topic 1.2. What is the world wide web? The basic explanation of what the world wide web, often referred to as WWW

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