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Short Fan Fiction Essay

  • Submitted by: affeeq88
  • on April 14, 2013
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‘Saengil chughahabnida… Saengil chughahabnida… Saranghaneul, Joon Myun-I… Saengil chughahabnida…’ A smile crept upon a still-sleeping face of a 22-year-old guy. (A/N based on Korean Age system.)

His lips synced towards the song sang inside his dreams. He repeated it again and again until his alarm clock went off.

The smile on his adorable face faded and his left hand searched for the dream-killer clock. He clicked the ‘Snooze’ button and continued his beauty sleep.

Before a dream could appear again, he shot his eyes open and looked instantly at the clock. It was 5 in the morning and he hurriedly jumped off his bed.

He made his bed and walked carefully, not to wake up the still sleeping maknae. He headed outside the dark hall way and aimed for the wash room.

He caressed his hands on the cold concrete wall to find the light switch and switched the bathroom light immediately.

Before he could step inside the ceramic floor of the bathroom, he paused for a while. “Damn, I forgot my towel.” He face-palmed himself and headed back to his dorm.

He carefully turned the knob and pushed the door slowly. The door creaked a bit and Suho held his movements. He peeked inside and Sehun was still drifting in his dream. He smiled at the sight of it and continued to get his towel.

Once he got his towel, he tip-toed to the door and went outside. He closed the door a bit and bumped into someone when he turned around.

“Ouch. Nugu…?” He looked up to see Kris’ half-asleep face and exhaled calmly.

“You’re up early, Suho.” asked Kris while rubbing his eyes.

“I should ask you the same question.” appointed Suho and giggles were heard from both of the leader.

“I just need a glass of water and then take a shower. You?” Kris asked back.

“Oh, I just wanted to take a shower first then make breakfast for everyone.” he stated while showing Kris his towel.

“Let me help you later. I’ll take my bath first. Arasseo?” Kris complied.

“Sure. Thanks, Kris.” Suho...

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