Short Essay: The War Of 1812

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The war of 1812 The war of 1812 isn’t over one specific reason, but over many different reasons. Many battles took place in order for both countries to declare war against each other. Before the war of 1812 the same two nations had been at war for basically 20 years. In the year of 1799 a war between Britain and France had took place, this is because a well known French ruler Napoleon Bonaparte was testing the position that Britain held as the strongest military unit in the entire world at the time being. This war was called the Napoleonic Wars and 1815 was the end to it. New France was lost to Britain by the French in a battle of 7 years. France was not happy on what had happened and vengeance had taken place…show more content…
Hull then decided to return to Detroit as back up was on the way. Within a month the British had attacked again with the help of Sir Isaac Brock and one of the Native chiefs Tecumseh had won in the area to where Hull had retreated towards (Detroit). The two leaders had claimed to have 5000 Native Americans as fighters when they only had 600 at most. In fear of this Hull drew back so that Western Canada would remain the way that it was. As he left Brock obtained 35 canons, 2 500 muskets, 500 rifles, ammunition and provisions meaning Hull didn’t take another chance thinking of leaving. In the same year (1812), but in the month of October a battle had occurred in the area of Queenston Heights, which was the name of the battle, the Battle of Queenston Heights. The main part of this battle was that Sir Isaac Brock had left the world because he was an easy kill at the moment, but the area was captured by the British. Approximately 300 Native Americans made the 6000 fighters army of Major-General Dearborn return from the attack they had hoped for in Lower Canada. It was now time for the Americans to strike, present day Toronto was captured, burning things that came in their way such as the parliament

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