Short Essay on the State of Medical Informatics in Africa

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The state of medical informatics in Africa Introduction Despite the fact that Africa is rich in natural resources and has the potential to be a continent that is developed and better able to take care of its people, it has been ridden with disease, underdevelopment and a significant inequality gap amongst the population of the continent.(Kibily Demba Samake). This is the unfortunate economic state of a continent that rather remains with potential that has not been utilized to its fullest. Literature review Even though there are challenges that Africa faces, there has been reports of significant diffusion of the internet, however this does not change the fact that most people in Africa are computer illiterate and do not have access to computers let alone able to read(Kibily Demba Samake) and so comes the challenge with building interoperable medical informatics solutions in amongst the different countries. Africa’s current socioeconomic state has been a major challenge for electronic medical solutions. This is due to problems such as lack of electricity in rural areas and the inability of those people to access internet connected computers let alone the hospitals themselves(Kibily Demba Samake) Then comes the health divide another challenge to African governments, this itself is caused by the different challenges that each country faces but one common factor is that many African people reside in rural areas which lack basic needs like electricity, proper health care services even lack water and sometimes limited to most of them(Kibily Demba Samake). It is advised that for proper success of implementing e-Medical solutions around Africa it has to be done while considering the given socioeconomic challenges that face Africa because success is dependent on them.(Kibily Demba Samake). Taking care of the socioeconomic situation of Africa will better enable

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