Short Essay on Inerrancy

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Jennifer Lear THEO201_B04_ 201230 Short Essay #1 SHORT ESSAY ON INSPIRATION AND INNERANCY Whether or not a person lives their life by God’s laws is dependant on how they view God. If a person has a difficult time believing that the Bible is the actual Word of God, then in turn they will also have a difficult time living a life by which they are spiritually commanded to do so. When a person has the knowledge that the Bible is, in fact, “God-breathed” (2Tim. 3:16) it is not only easier to live a morally sound life but also a spiritually enriching one. To say that the Bible has authority one must have faith in the Word of God. They must irrevocably believe that these words are not merely about God, but are by God. Throughout the Old Testament the phrase “the Lord says” or it’s equivalent is used to command authority, these are not just accounts dreamed up and bound in a book haphazardly. The Bible is the Word of God whispered into the ear of man by the divine authority of God, or in many miraculous events God actually revealed Himself to man physically. These are unwavering accounts documented throughout history. The Word of God is not dependent on what is cool or hip, whether is it sunny or rainy or any other trivial factors. There is no higher than our God, His word confirms the utmost authority. Biblical inspiration can be described as a “supernatural influence of the Holy Spirit”, and can be defined as God’s Word. Written by 40 people over a span of hundreds of years the Bible was directly influenced by our God speaking directly to His people. In 2 Peter 1:21 the Bible states “For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, through human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit”. Though each book was not written word for word while it was being said, they were, however, “breathed” into each author by the Holy

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