Short Biography: Omar Bradley

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Omar Bradley Omar Nelson Bradley was born in a log cabin near Clark, Missouri on February 12th 1893; he was the only surviving child of schoolteachers John and Sarah Bradley. Omar’s life in Missouri was impoverished although he received a very good education starring as a player on Moberly High school baseball team. As high school came to an end his Sunday school superintendent recommended he apply for West point. After placing first in the exams in St. Louis he received an appointment from Congressman William M. Rucker to enter the academy in fall of 1911. While at WestPoint Omar played Baseball and Football and managed to finish 44th in his class of 164, He lettered both in football and baseball. Omar graduated from WestPoint on June 12th 1915 coming out as a second lieutenant in infantry. Three months later Omar joined the 14th infantry regiments third battalion at fort George Wright near Spokane Washington. Crisis soon broke out putting Bradley’s military skills to their first, when the civil war in Mexico broke out over the border into the United States; Americans led by Brigadier General John J. Pershing marched into Mexico on the pursuit of the Mexican rebel Pancho Villa, among them was the 14th…show more content…
This was not forthcoming as General Douglas MacArthur was not in need of another army group commander. On August 15, President Harry S. Truman appointed Bradley to the head of the Veterans Administration. In February 1948, Bradley was appointed Army Chief of Staff to replace the departing Eisenhower. He remained in this post only eighteen months as he was named the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on August 11, 1949. With this, came a promotion to General of the Army. Remaining in this position for four years, he oversaw US operations during the Korean War and was forced to rebuke General Douglas MacArthur for wishing to expand the conflict into Communist

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