Short Term Effects Of The Russian Revolution Essay

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What are the short and long term effects of the Russian revolution. The short term effects of the Russian revolution are Russia dropped out of World War One. With Russia out the war it meant that Germany could bring more troops to fight in France where there was a stale mate giving Germany an advantage advantage over entente powers. Russia also had to give up one third of its population, one third of its agricultural land and three quarters of its industry to Germany in the harsh peace treaty (Treaty of Brest-Litovsk).They tried delaying the matters by refusing to the treaty. But the Germans just started to invade so Russia had no choice but to accept the treaty. The anti- Bolsheviks who were still loyal to the allies took up arms against…show more content…
After World War One the whites (soviets) went to war with the reds (Bolsheviks and followers) and the civil war started. The reds eventually won the civil war but not because that they had more people than the whites but because the reds army was much more organised than the whites. In the end 10 million people died which was a shocking number since Lenin said there would be peace and no more war. Vladimir Lenin along with the Bolsheviks eventual turned Russia turned into a communist country.meaning that farmland was shared out between the farmers and the factories where given to the workers. All banks where natolinezed, meaning that the economy was run by the national council. Soon other country's around the world to started have riots and turned into communist because of Russia (where)? The last short term effect of the war is the Russian people went from being lead by a monarch (tsar Nicholas 2nd) to being lead by the Bolsheviks people who lead by terrorising people. Tsar Nicholas the 2nd and his family where soon all killed by the Bolsheviks. A long term effect of the Russian revolution Because of all the riots all the skilled workers fled the country hoping
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