Short Analysis of Autobiography on Michelle Obama

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The book I chose is ʻMichelle, A Biographyʼ written by Liza Mundy. In this biography, the reader is given a chance to learn about one of the most influential women in the twenty-first century. Using her own interview with Michelle Obama, family members and over a hundred others, Mundy, a Washington Post journalist, offers the story of a three-dimensional, living, breathing, and feeling individual who is different from the flat characterizations that accompany public life. Mundy shows us Michelleʼs early influences, her strong personality and her powerful, loving and effective partnership and marriage with her husband. The book ends during the early stages of Obamaʼs presidential campaign and touches on the shift away from Obama pointing out her husbandʼs domestic failings to someone who helped tell his story and continue to introduce him to the American public. Who is the First Lady? She is an impressive woman - intense, intelligent, confident, attractive, and free-speaking and someone her husband calls the rock of the Obama family. She is both mother and wife, the nurturing, stern and supportive woman who holds it all together. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson grew up in a family that had faced many hardships throughout their life, but nonetheless made sure to motivate her and have her reach for the stars. She went on to study at Princeton University and Harvard Law School, after which she had a career as a lawyer and met her true love at the law firm where she worked. Now known as Michelle Obama, or the First Lady, she is a prominent figure in todayʼs society and what many would call the face of the White House. Obama had once said, “One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals.” And she

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