Shopping Through the Internet Essay

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7.18 Shopping through the internet During last six months buying consumer goods through the internet doesn't meet as a exotic and was caught on . At least in Moscow, where most of people grasped it advantages. More and more people are caught up in shopping through the internet. They buy computers and TV sets, books and video cassettes, order flowers for darlings and pizza. Virtues of internet shops, in terms of convenience, are obvious: goods can be bought without leaving home, delivery is also included. All that the user should do is only to find through the internet suitable(proper) shop, to pick out necessary goods, order them, pay for them and receive them. However, last two actions are often combined-you pay to courier in cash with the delivery. So, it is still habitual. Of course it is a great boon, especially for those who are pressed for time to shop around, but internet commerce also has disadvantages. First of all, it is not so easy to find suitable shop through the web, though the number of then in ru net is less then in the west. Trade systems simplify our life-they are special sites where there are internet shops and information about goods, prices, delivery terms in unified format. The ways of search are represented for customers, with the help of them they can choose the shop according to definite criterions: the lowest price, or free delivery, or delivery within 60 minutes but in 3:00

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