Shopping on Black Friday

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Diana ESL6A 11/29/13 Shopping On Black Friday In America, when Thanks Giving is around the corner, many people can not wait for shopping discount commodities that night as it has already been a custom. Though, it may have some bad aspects, such as some people may get hurt when people crowd or fight for the same commodities. These bad things can be avoided under the work of stores and people. So anyway it is surely a good time for people having fun with family, feeling the atmosphere of Thanks giving and saving money. Some people may say that it is boring to stand in a long line to wait for buying things. However, I think it is a good way to feel the atmosphere of the festival, because there are so many people talking, laughing happily. It is bustling! In addition, you can also join in them and talk with them while waiting in line. For instance, I went to desert hill on Thanks giving night and I was certainly feeling the happy atmosphere of holiday. When I stood in line to wait for buying makeup for my mother, I talked with some people around me and they told me some funny things and which brand of makeup is good. Time often went quickly through chatting. It is no longer a boring thing to wait. It is known to us that all of the stores will discount on Thanks giving, so it is a good time for people to buy things, especially some luxuries. Such as Nike, the origin price of a pair of basketball shoes cost ninety-nine dollars, but on Thanks giving they cost sixty dollars. We can save thirty dollars in total. Some may say that this can make some person buy everything which is cheap without thinking if it is useful in life; they just follow the majority of people. While, in another point of view, it is good as you can store them, then sell them out in a higher price to earn money. Nevertheless, shopping on black Friday is also a way of having fun

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