Shopping Mall Essay

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ELSEVIER Augmented Retail Services" The Lifetime Value of Affection A h m e d Taher UNIVERSITYOF GEORGIA T h o m a s W. Leigh UNIVERSITYOF GEORGIA Warren A. French UNIVERSITYOF GEORGIA Customer satisfaction is not enough to ensure repeat patronage. Retailing is being threatened by a host of informative and value~cost alternatives for consumer patronage. We discuss the stages of the retail patronage experience and retailers" opportunities to build store loyalty based on augmented services. These ideas are illustrated, and the financial implications are overviewed. We conclude with several suggestions for facilitating the retail augmentation process to achieve retail patronage relationships, j BUSNRES 1996. 35.217--228 'ew technologies for direct marketing, the appearance of store facings on the Internet, time pressures on families as they meet dual career work and parenting responsibilities, and the increased market share of category killers with their price/value message all play a role in weakening traditional store patronage. What is the future for traditional stores? For some it could be brighter than ever! Those who take a leadership role in thoroughly understanding the retail patronage experience and the "moments of truth" (Normann, 1984) that engender customer delight and customer affection can, in fact, prosper by contrast with their newer but less personal competitors. That leadership role entails applying the lessons of service excellence to the retail patronage experience. Specifically, we take the perspective that retailers need to broaden their concept of retailing beyond their store. We use the term retail patronage experience to refer to the totality of the customers contact with the retail store. In our view, the retail patronage experience includes previsit, visit, and postvisit events and activities. We will develop a view of the retail
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