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Public Speaking SPCH 230 (Spring 2015) Instructor: Jenny Louis Office: CP01, 118W #8 E-mail: Phone: 671-6388 Office Hours: Mondays 12:15am-3:15pm; Wednesdays 10:45am-2:15pm Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:15pm-2:00pm Text: SPEAK. 2nd edition. Verderber, Sellnow, Verderber. Cengage 2015. Course Description: Some of you, I suspect, are enrolled in SPCH 230 to fulfill some core curriculum requirement. To you and to others who might enter a public speaking course somewhat wary and more than a little nervous, I describe the course as necessary regardless of any core requirement. Why? Though you might have heard it repeated numerous times, public speaking is important. Important to who? Communication competence -- both public and private -- is useful to every person who meets the following criteria: possesses friends, belongs to a family, is employed, attends school, has an intimate relationship, seeks an intimate relationship, or is not sealed off from the rest of the world. Public speaking is important because it is used so often in everyday life, and because -- right or wrong -- others often use public speaking as a measure of personality and competence. When you open your mouth, people listen both to what you say and how you say it. So, SPCH 230 combines the basic principles of public communication with repeated in-class practice. That is lectures and concepts will be accompanied by in-class activities and discussion. Pre-requisites: ENGL 101. Course Goals: (1) to assist students in establishing and improving their public speaking skills (2) to make students aware of the types and principles of public communication in their respective lives. Student Learning Outcomes: As a result of learning in this course, the student will be able to: 1. Identify the basic principles of human

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