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A Qualitative Evaluation of a Software Development and Re-Engineering Project Thomas Panas R¨ diger Lincke u Jonas Lundberg Welf L¨ we o Software Technology Group MSI, University of V¨ xj¨ , Sweden ao {Thomas.Panas|Rudiger.Lincke|Jonas.Lundberg|Welf.Lowe} Abstract The VizzAnalyzer is a framework for analyses and visualizations of software. It has been developed over years, to a great deal by students and PhD students. In between it has been re-engineered to improve the software quality. In this paper, we publish the results of the software quality measurements over different versions of the VizzAnalyzer framework with well established quality metrics. Some metrics uncover qualities we were aiming at in our re-engineering, e.g. maintainability, some others uncover qualities we were deliberately ignoring or did not even think about, e.g. good ”object-orientedness”. Our measurements validate our expectation: the former metrics significantly improve over the versions whereas the latter contain positive as well as negative surprises. In this paper, we investigate the source code quality of the VizzAnalyzer, a source code extraction, analysis and visualization framework. For this, we apply well established metrics in order to measure the systems quality w.r.t. maintainability and other object-orientation qualities. We investigate six versions developed over the last two years. In the next section, we document the VizzAnalyzer, its purpose and development history for the last two years. In addition, we describe the mainly intuitive development and re-engineering decisions for some major release versions over the years. In Section 3, we describe the metrics used to justify our intuitive development and re-engineering decisions. In Section 4, we introduce how to interpret the metrics in the context of maintenance and good
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