Shooting An Elephant Turning Point Essay

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There are many turning point situations in the following writings:’’Shooting an elephant by George Orwell,’’ Graduation by Angelou,’’letter from Birmingham Jail ‘’ by Dr King Jr and turning point by myself- Tamara Brutus. The purpose of this paper is to find common similarities among the aforementioned writings, and to relate each writing with Dr. Martin Luther King’s letter. There is one standing issue that can be found in these writings. This issue is freedom or more precise the lack of it. In the case of’’Shooting an elephant ‘’ we find the main character to be trapped in a dilemma which is that he hates the British Empire yet he represents it in Burma . This is ironic because he represents the oppressor ,The British Empire .This is exemplified when the main…show more content…
For example, I felt incarcerated when I was married. All my husband desire was for me to go to work and return home , he also would consider to create a nuclear family but when it comes to his family he has forgotten the meaning of that one. I think he already had a plan for me in terms of my occupations at home which were to clean the house, cook every day, iron his clothing for work ect….I felt worse than a slave . I felt like his servant not his wife. The lack of freedom as well as the inability to make my own decision since that was his rule is a common aspect founded in the other writings. I made a turning point in my life and decided to divorce. There is also an horrible mistake he made which I think is very personal and I truly can not share that one with you but I give you permission to think that idea was cruel. My turning point relates to Dr .King’s letter in the sense that he mentioned the humiliation that black people endure back then. For instance,’’…When you are humiliated day in and out by nagging signs reading’’white ‘’and
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