Shooting an Elephant

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Shooting an Elephant “Shooting an Elephant” is an essay written by George Orwell, published in 1936. Orwell was a journalist, well known for Animal Farm and 1984 (66). In the essay, Orwell tells his experience with an enraged bull elephant while on duty as a police officer in British Burma. The main focus of Orwell’s essay is about his encounter with the “must” elephant (67). He describes the destruction that the elephant caused, including the death of a villager (68). After being on an all day rampage, the elephant was found calmly feeding in a paddy field (68). Now that Orwell has found the elephant, he now has to decide what he must do next. Orwell is torn between his own feelings about the morality of killing the elephant and doing what the villagers expect him to do. Orwell puts his own feelings aside to please the villagers and kills the elephant. Although Orwell thought he had legally done the right thing, he should have gone with his first instinct and observed the elephant in hopes that it was done with its rampage so that he could avoid killing the elephant, and if it weren’t, then Orwell would have been doing the right thing when shooting the elephant. George Orwell was a native of British India, 1903-1950. “George Orwell was a master of wit and satire, critically observing the politics of his time and prophetically envisioning the future. He devoted much of his life to various causes critical of capitalism, imperialism, fascism, and Stalinism, but in the end what he “most wanted to do is to make political writing into an art.“ (C.D Merriman) His real name was Eric Blair and George Orwell was his pen name. Williams 2 As a police officer of British Burma on duty one day, Orwell gets a call asking for help in dealing with an enraged bull elephant that was going through what is known as “must (67).” Being the only police officer on duty for that
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