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Auguste Rodin was a French sculpture born on November 12 1840. He was born in Paris France to an important family. Today he is remembered with an important role for making sculptures. He had a different virtuoso ability to make complex. His talent was discovered when he made a sculpture of a local priest. When he tried to enter the Beaux Art Academy he was rejected. He did not give up so he tried to enter a trade school for decorative sculptures and he got exepted. One of his first sculptures was The Age of Bronze. He made that sculpture when he was in Belgium. That sculpture looked so human like that it was accused of taking plaster moulds from life models. Auguste worked hard to clear his name in 1880 he was rewarded a commission to make a portal for a museum of decorative arts. The museum was never made. Auguste Rodin worker for thirty seven years on the sculpture The Gates of Hell. An other important sculpture Auguste Rodin made was The Thinker. That sculpture was the one he was most famous for. The thinker was the other name for the poet. At France Rodin was the most well known artist he spread his work all around the outside of Paris. He worked with a lot of people that were craftsmen, and stone cutters that worked for him. During the last years of Auguste Rodins life he focused on small dances studied and was a productor of some erotic drawings. On January 29 1917 he finally got married with the woman of his dreams. Two weeks after they married Auguste Rodins wifed died. Ten months later on November 17 1917 Auguste Rodin passed away. Auguste Rodin was a big character in the history on

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