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Tisherneria Vasser Corettas Elder group 1. What is the difference between Mona The model and shola the slave? Mona was struggling within herself to actually accept who she was as a beautiful African American woman. She wanted to be what society accepted her as. She was unaware about all the trials and tribulations African American had overcome so that she could be proud of who she really was. She was beautiful and didn’t understand how to accept that as a woman. While shola learned that being an African American woman was phenomenal. Shola learned how to be proud of she was without society accepting her. She would stand up for herself if others liked it or not. 2. What is the significance of Shango and Nunu in the movie? Shango…show more content…
While the house slaves may have been treated a little better than field slaves, at the end of the day they were all slaves. The house slaves had to beat the field slaves if they were being punished. Throughout the movie the field slaves helped a house slave to have a break through and realize ultimately they all deserve better. 4. What is the significance of the secret society? The secret society was significant because it was a place where the slaves could actually express themselves and have other people to share the same problems and values. Rebelling against the masters was the main thing they had to do to try to free the Africans. Things were kind of hard for them but they continued to fight and make their dreams come true. 5. What was the significance of the Sankofa bird necklace given to shola? The Sankofa necklace gave Shola strength. Before she received the necklace she surrendered to all the mistreatments that the slaves had to go through. She felt like there was no way to actually stand up for herself. While the moment after she received the necklace changed her life forever. She felt like she could do anything. She fought for her freedom and fought for the others as

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