Shoeless Joe Jackson Research Paper

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Shoeless Joe Jackson While working in his cornfield, the beginner farmer Ray Kinsella hears a distant voice that whispered, “if you build it, he will come”, and sees a baseball diamond in the corner of his corn field. His skeptical wife Annie allows him to plow their corn to build the field. After all is finished nothing happens “he” never came, then soon after Ray faces financial problems. They discuss replanting the corn because cutting it down cut in to their profits, but soon after their daughter, Karin, sees a man on the ball field. Ray discovers it is Shoeless Joe Jackson, a dead baseball player who was idolized by his father. Thrilled to play baseball again Joe wants to bring other players to his field. He later shows up with the other seven players banned in the 1919 Black Sox scandal.…show more content…
When in the corn crops Ray hears another voice that says “ease his pain”. After attending a PTA meeting Terence Mann was mentioned and Ray realized he is the one that the voice was talking about. Ray researches and finds an article that told about Mann’s childhood dream to play major league baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers, but was heartbroken when the team was moved to Los Angeles. Then he went to find man to take him to a baseball game. Mann denies making the statement in the article, but Ray persuades him to attend a baseball game a Fenway Park. Ray hears the voice again and this time it said “go the distance”. The scoreboard shows many different things and gives a clue of “moonlight” Graham who played on game for the New York Giants in 1922 but never had a turn to bat. Mann shares that he also saw the vision on the scoreboard and they both travel to Chisholm Minnesota where they learn that Graham had become a doctor but died 16 years
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