Shoe Horn Sonata Visual Analysis

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Essay: Compare the ways the distinctively visual is created in the Shoe Horn Sonata and one related text. Distinctively visual techniques are a fundamental part in the communication of stimulating ideas, messages and an image between the composer and the responder. Distinctively visual are able to effectively communicate to the responder about the experiences and sending out a message using a variety of dramatic techniques. This is conveyed in the play ‘Shoe Horn Sonata’ written by John Misto. He had effectively conveyed the distinctive experiences, the trauma and reconciliation between old friends. In the play Shoe Horn Sonata written by John Misto conveys the suffering of the female prisoners of war. The distinctive experiences of the…show more content…
In scene 8, there is still some tension between Sheila and Bridie as the responders finds out that Shiela sold herself in order to save Bridie’s life. Shiela believed that throughout her whole life, Bridie would have done the same. This is when the tension starts to build up. John Misto had use a mixed set of techniques to convey this tension including dialogue and symbolism. Dialogue is used to effectively show the tone in both the characters’ role. It highlights the message being sent out and what’s occurring. “[Shocked]You didn’t sleep with a jap. Not you” “All these years I’ve told myself that you’ve have done the same for me [Calmly]. I was wrong, though…” This dialogue portrays the character’s feeling and what’s going on. Not only it shows the events occurring but it shows their characteristic. Shiela; frightened and yet still brave, and Bridie completely in shock and pitiful. The Shoe Horn comes out as Bridie thought it was lost. This is the most important symbolic object. It represents something different to each character. It symbolises a sacrifices both Bridie and Shiela made to save each other lives. To Bridie it represents her attachment and a reminder of her family and to Shiela it represents fear and fear. In the end it also symbolises reconciliation as it is returned to its rightful owner. It highlights the war

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