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Shoe Horn Sonata Essay

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  • on October 13, 2012
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English Speech- The Shoe Horn Sonata
The proscribed text that we read was the play called the Shoe Horn Sonata by John Misto. This play focuses in 1942 during World War 2, 65 Australian Army nurses were trapped in Singapore when the Japanese invaded. They were the first Australian women to serve in battle… and the first to die there. Two women, Bridie and Sheila who survived, were victims of this horrible time. Throughout The Shoe-Horn Sonata, Bridie and Sheila reveals events and emotions they have kept to themselves for half a century.
Sheila’s desperate gesture for swapping herself for the medicine (quinine) to save Bridie’s constant but hidden terror of the guards, which is revealed when she runs from the shop as she is surrounded by the harmless Japanese-speaking tourists. These emotional and scared memories are shown by incredible techniques and themes which are Survival/Endurance, Friendship and Commemoration which I will discuss with you today. I will be focusing on scene 8 and scene 13.
In scene 8 there is some tension between Bridie and Sheila as we find out that Sheila slept with the Japs to save Bridie’s life and John Misto uses the following dramatic techniques: Setting, Conflict, Sound and Lighting to present this. Setting is used in this scene to show where Bridie and Sheila are in text as they have both come back from the pub. This creates an image in our heads of where the characters are and also what comes is what other information from the war is revealed.
Quote: narrator “Bridie and Sheila are in Sheila’s motel room. As the lights come up (symbolising a new scene), Bridie is thrusting a glass of Akla Seltzer at a miserable looking Sheila. Who is wearing a dressing gown and gazing wretchedly at the fizzy water.” Conflict is used in this scene as Sheila reveals to Bridie that she slept with a Jap to save Bridie’s life. Bridie is immensely shocked and starts to powerfully question Sheila’s actions Quote: “You didn’t. Tell me you didn’t.”...

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