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Seth Roberts Engl 1310-007 Frost September 20, 2011 “Shitty First Drafts” Imagine how rough it would be to live as a slave, women, or anyone who had to fight for rights and freedom. Gloria Anzaldua legitimizes the powers of language through the use of different dialects to exert her power of the audience through her knowledge of multiple languages to reject the audience into her discourse community. On the other hand, Malcolm X establishes power of the audience by showing with knowledge comes the desire for equality. Through the use of multiple languages, Anzaldua expresses her power of the audience. For example, she states, “Chicanos who grew up speaking Chicano Spanish have internalized the belief that we speak poor Spanish” (26). The Chicanos have created their own language, or version of Spanish to separate themselves from other Spanish speakers. By creating a new version, they form a discourse community for their language, rejecting other Spanish languages. Anzaldua follows stating, “We needed a language with which we could communicate with ourselves, a secret language” (23). She is following up the first quote by conveying the need to create a discourse community within a bigger community. She explains they have 5 languages, Standard English, working class and slang English, standard Spanish, standard Mexican Spanish, North Mexican Spanish dialect, Chicano Spanish, Tex Mex, and Pachuco (24). Her culture is very different from most. Most people speak about 7 or 8 languages, which means they have 7 or 8 discourse communities that are in danger of becoming extinct because of English. The English language, because of how popular it has become, is threatening to take over most communities such as the Chicanos. When learning a new language, people will want to choose the most common language rather than one only a select few know. She states,

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