Shitty First Drafts Essay

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Professor: English February 13, 2012 (13 February 2012) (correct the spacing throughout.) OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF WRITING (why all cap letters?) In reading Anne Lamott’s story, “Shitty First Drafts”, (,") I found myself relating to some of Ms. Lamott’s humorous situations. Ms. Lamott explains that all writers great, novice at one time, or another will have writers block (writer's). With this being said, Ms. Lamott has inspired me to overcome my own deep fears of writing (I really like your thesis, but your intro is a little underdeveloped--can you expand.) In my thesis statement, I stated I had to come to grips with the fear of writing this thesis. Now sitting here with pencil and paper in hand, my laptop staring back at me, I am going to let those voices speak out. (I am not sure how to read this sentence. Is it the topic sentence of the following paragraph? If so, place it there. If not, I'm not sure what its function is.) My mind is reverting to high school, when all English II students had to write a report on William Shakespeare. I could not even get one word on the paper in front of me. This was not just writers block; there were no voices in my head trying to get out. This was downright fear. The reason for the fear, which I still believe to this day, was the subject of the report “William Shakespeare” himself. I did everything there was to avoid this assignment.(okay, good example, but now you need to develop this paragraph by relating this experience more closely to Lamott's article.) Now step forward a year; US History, subject “The American Depression” this was to be a 2000 word report. Because of the subject matter, voices in my head were screaming to get out onto paper. There was no fear or writers block. (too short: construct well-developed body paragraphs that contain topic sentences and plenty of examples from Lamott's

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