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Shit Essay

  • Submitted by: Jamesjbro1
  • on May 25, 2014
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Briar Rose is a novel which is about a girl named Becca who is searching to find the truth behind her grandmother Gemma’s story which she used to tell to Becca. Gemma told Becca the story when she was on her deathbed and made Becca promise to find the truth behind the story. So Becca goes on a quest to find the truth and eventually finds out that Gemma’s version of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is really a horrifying story about the Holocaust and Gemma’s experience in the Holocaust. The fairytale story is an allegory to what really happened to Gemma in the Holocaust.
There are four central concerns in the novel Briar Rose. These are; Genocide and the Holocaust, Facing the truth, growing and moving on, The centrality of love and family and Courage and the human spirit.   These four concerns are central to the novel and are all interwoven. They all apply to the quote given in the assignment as well.
Genocide and the holocaust is clearly a central concern to this text. Becca’s quest takes up about one third of the novel and in the middle of everything she finds out what the Nazi’s did to the victims. This fits in to the quote given as the secret that her grandmother is talking about is all about the holocaust. The whole quote is talking about whether she should speak about Gemma’s experience with the holocaust and how she is going to do it. “I never got to know any of my sisters’ secrets and I thought I was missing something. And now I know my grandmother’s..”   This quote is directly related to the central concern of the Holocaust as when she says “now I know my grandmother’s”, Becca is referring to Gemma’s experience in the Holocaust as her secret.
Facing the truth, growing and moving on is the second central concern of the text. In the text, Yolen is trying to get the point across that facing the truth is better than just looking the other way. As when Josef is telling his story his willingness and eagerness to tell the story suggests the power to heal that being open and...

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