Shirley Hastings Strictly Ballroom

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Strictly Ballroom Notes World of Ballroom Dancing Ballroom dancing is glamour but it's contrasted with Shirley Hastings (with over the top make up) screaming and the evil villain Barry Fife (who is lit from the bottom to create shadows and horn like eyebrows) - Dance Federation Scott Hastings Scott Hastings; Australian - which is shown by his Aussie accent and singlet when he dances in front of the mirror. Also a quote "Oh get off it will ya" Passionate - the close ups on his face as he dances Fran Fran; More natural in the movie. Comes from a Spanish community. She lives in a stereotypical migrant house and the setting of where she lives (which is near train tracks) shows she is living on the other side of the tracks. Again shows her world is contrasted with the artificial world of ballroom dancing. At the start Fran is unattractive (harsh light to emphasize her blemishes) and awkward (close ups on her feet). But as time goes on and she dances with Scott, her confidence grows. With this her appearance gets more better…show more content…
Film Techniques such as Low Angle Shot and High Angle Shot help to over emphasise her power over some individuals, which brings up the theme of Power and Authority and how it is exercised within her own rights. The beginning of the film sees her screaming out "Go number 100", as if 100 was the perfect number; also that Scott is number 100. Themes: Contrasting Worlds: The real world, and the world of ballroom dancing, and what is seen as fake. Power and Authority: The idea of certain individuals having more power over others. Conformity and Rebellion: Where some individuals hate a form of lifestyle causing them to rebel, or some who simply conform to the rules and
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