Shih Huang Ti

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China throughout it’s years of existence has encountered many different rulers and many different difficult tasks to be where it sits today in the world. Most people take China for granted and just see it as another country just like anyone else, but what most people don’t realize is where is all started. How did china become a nation that everyone today depends on for many resources? A couple thousands years ago it was far from what it is today, the life style was cruel and hard and one man had his mind set to change it all his name, Ying Zheng better known as Shih Huang Ti. Shih Huang Ti was born in the first month of the year in the Chinese calendar then in use, like January is now and so he received the name Zheng. During this time the given name was never to be used unless by close relatives so for example “Prince Zheng” was very inappropriate for the time. As a king of this time he was referred to as, and only as King of Qin since he was king of the Chinese state of Qin (Chi’n) from 274BC to 221BC. During his rule of Qin all other Chinese states at the time fell except Qin which left him to be the only ruler and gain the title as “first emperor of china”. Knowing he was no longer a simple king like the older times of the warring states period he created a new title for himself “Huangdi” which combines the words huang which came from the Three Huang who ruled at the beginning of Chinese history and also was referred to as “great” or “big” and Di from the legendary Five Di who ruled immediately after the Three Huang which also referred to as the “supreme god in heaven”. The Three Huang and Five Di were considered perfect rulers, of immense power and very long lives so Shih Huang Ti believed this fit him perfectly. As ruler Shih Huang Ti was well known for the introduction of legalism and also for unifying China. Having unified China he and

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