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Abstract The extensive leadership skills of Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, will be examined in detail as she exuberates great confidence and honesty in both her personal and professional life. Analyzing Sandberg’s leadership was very interesting in that she focuses on forming strong relationships with the people around her and uses her leadership capabilities to move the organization to openness and effectiveness. This discussion will show the values, beliefs and characteristics that can help build a strong leader, whether it’s a man or woman. The use of emotional intelligence and other attributes has enabled Sheryl Sandberg to gain a following and has allowed her to portray her beliefs by communicating them through speeches, social gatherings and more recently by writing a book. This discussion will also demonstrate what Sandberg expects of her followers and what it would be like to one of her direct reports. Overall, Sheryl Sandberg exhibits very strong leadership abilities and characteristics which has contributed to making her one of the most influential women in today’s society. Researching where Sheryl Sandberg came from and the values and beliefs that she exemplifies has been interesting and I now know why she is looked at with such high regard. Sheryl Sandberg possesses various traits, characteristics and techniques of what an effective leader should possess to be effective within an organization. Sandberg has rose to the top of her profession through hard work and has used her ability to influence others as a way of gaining a following. Throughout this assignment, I will be able give examples of what has made Sandberg a positive and influential leader that has helped shape the modern workplace and has given women the foresight to use these ideas to do the same. In addition, I will give my opinion of what it may be like to

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