Sherriff Chavez Argumentative Essay

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EL PUERTO NEWS DAYLY SPEACIALS SHERRIFF CHAVEZ WAS SHOT BY A CRAZY VETERAN Last Saturday night, Sherriff Chavez was murderer by an old veteran named Lupito. As some witnesses said- “he had just finished his rounds, having coffee, and Lupito came up to where he sat and without warning shot Chavez”. After that, a punch of farmers carried guns and chased after Lupito. Lupito finally got shot and died while hiding in a river. (The picture). This incident has shocked for the people in town. Some people said that Lupito was a good man. They could not believe bad things could be done by a good man like that. The others told that the war has made him insane- “poor Lupito, the evil soul of war has cursed on him to make him do bad things”- and old workers said. However, as the Sherriff’s brother, he said “Lupito deserved to die there for what he has done with my brother”. “THE GOLDEN CARP”- LIVING…show more content…
Marez: I understand your bad situation. In my opinion, I think you should not blame for yourself because of your sons. I know Eugene and Leon; they are all gentlemen now, not kids anymore. The war has made them grown up. Now they are young and free, like the wild wind in the high mountain. Your sons can take care for their own life. They need to go, to make their own ways, to discover life and their shelf. Young men are hard to keep in one place. It’s like keeping a strongest lion in the smallest cage. Worry none madam, I sure your son will come back (maybe with their girlfriend) soon. Do not think that your sons are leaving you; just assume that this is the new adventure for them, the new lessons for them. Outside, they can learn a lot of things and new experience than staying at home. But if it’s still calm you down. I advice you to find some work to do- chores, housework, making food, feeding animals. While you are busy, you can easy forget about those worried things. I hope you well. Good luck to you and your family Mrs.

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