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English100. Baktybek Chakiev The writing styles in Sherman Alexie’s “Indian Education.” Sherman Alexie in “Indian Education” uses many different styles such as exemplification, directness, and an experience based on his real life. All of these styles are important and have significant meaning. Author also by using abovementioned styles touches main themes regarding judgments on the Native American culture, alcohol abuse, and the tragic history of events. I assume these themes are different in their own aspects, but all his themes have one thing in common: they help illustrate the unfortunate and ever-continuing story of the Native Americans overall. Having risen in Spokane Reservation, Victor, Indian school boy, faced numerous obstacles, discrimination against himself and author was able perfectly convey it to the readers by giving several examples. The examples throughout the short story are given to illustrate a general point of fiction. In the very beginning of this fiction we learn that as Victor’s hair was too short and his U.S. Government glass were horn-rimmed and ugly, he was pushed down buried by the other Indian boys in the snow until he couldn’t breathe. Consequently, when Victor first started out in school, he did not fit in with the other Indian boys because his hair was too short, and he did not look like a true Indian. Due to his differences Victor was picked on repeatedly whenever the other kids felt like ruining his life. For example, as Victor became a little older, he became tired of being picked on and took matters into his own hands. Victor stated, “The little warrior in me roared to life that day and knocked Frenchy to the ground”. Next example comes in “Second Grade:” the confrontational dialogue between him and Betty Towle-“missionary teacher, redheaded and so ugly that no on ever had a puppy crush on her, made me stay in for
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