Sherlock Homes vs Philipe Marlowe

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I will be talking to you about the values and differences between the character of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Raymond Chandler`s Philip Marlowe. To begin with, as we are all aware, there are many forms of crime fiction that are written . We have moved away from the classical amateur detective (Sherlock Holmes), to more professional sleuths (Philip Marlowe). A crime story must reflect the time in which it was written, providing an accurate and realistic depiction of its characters involved. More importantly, it must offer some insight into the social, political and moral climate of its era. Crime stories often use many different forms of the previous forms of crime fiction. The development, adaptations and re-evaluations of crime novels from comedy to tragedy, from depictions of our society to the exploration of an individual; the crime genre is now a genre that incorporates many other genres. Philip Marlowe from ˜The Big Sleep' written by Raymond Chandler, film directed by Howard Hawks has been used to show the corrupt world of his time decayed with drugs, sex, blackmail, gamblers, murders and pornographers. He is portrayed as an honest detective in a corrupt world. He is full of integrity and honesty, a man who is willing to seek truth by work for a mere twenty-five dollars a day. Some critics argue that he is the modern day knight. Marlowe is described as cynical yet soft centered who is a modern day hero amongst the civilians of the society who are ruled by money and bribe. Marlowe is portrayed as brave, as other people do not intimidate him. On the other hand, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle invented the character of Sherlock Holmes who established the conventions of the detective story genre, and achieved popularity because of his values and social attitude in the story which reflected times of the Victorian age. Holmes was portrayed as a guy who could

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