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Hello Stacy Hernandez As we begin to wrap up Quarter 3 of our 2012-2013 school year, it is important that we checkin again with regards to your student’s progress towards Semester 2 final grades. As you know, Middle School students receive letter grades at the end of each semester. The end of our third quarter is a good time to think about how your student is meeting the goals outlined in the grading scale. I’ve attached the scale to let you know what is expected of your student for each letter grade. Aim high! Report for J. Pinelo Grade 8: 1. Study Island Blue Ribbons Your student has earned the following amount and percentage of Blue Ribbons on Study Island. Please remember Blue Ribbon totals started over at the beginning of Semester 2. 3 M = 30% of the assigned ribbons for Semester 2 10 LA = 100% of the assigned ribbons for Semester 2 (M = Math, LA = Language Arts) Please note: Students must earn 75% of assigned blue ribbons in both Math and LA in order to earn an A and 50% in order to earn a B. Only 8th graders are assigned Science and History BR’ but they do not count towards their final grade in those subjects.. 2. Work Samples Your student HAS turned in all Q3 work samples. They are missing: none 3. Additional Assignments Your student HAS submitted their final draft of the assigned comp essay for Q3. 4. OLS Progress At this point in the school year, your student should be at or around 70-75% completed in each subject. Please remember that achieving progress percentage goals in these subjects will not only affect your student’s grade, but also will affect their ability to move on grade level courses next school year. Please check your student’s OLS to be sure they are on track with this goal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you disagree with any of this

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